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Top 5 .NET Core Development Companies in Southeast Asia

NET Core isn't a new technology but despite everything, it is still wide-spread today. This is a popular web development framework for building web applications running on the .NET platform. NET Core is the open-source version of ASP.NET, that functions on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

With the .NET framework, you can create plenty of applications spanning from inventory and warehouse apps, accounting systems, CRM platforms to sites, XML web services, and mobile apps. Usually, this framework is associated with a principle of the so-called 3S: Scalability, Security, and Stability. That's probably why most of the business owners prefer it for their software products.

More than 60% of the Fortune 100 develop using .NET. Moreover, Forrester says that 56% of enterprises in North America are choosing .NET for their development requirements vs. 44% choosing J2EE.

Are you looking to hire a competent .NET developer to take care of your next project? There are nearly 7-8 million programmers skilled in .NET development worldwide! With such a huge market of options, choosing the best company that can help you create a prominent software app and ensure a high ROI, might be a challenging task.

To make things easier for you, we have curated the list of the Top .NET Development Companies in Southeast Asia's market. It is created by taking into account valuable expert insights about the Top Software Development Companies provided by high-authority B2B research and ranking platforms, such as, GoodFirms, IT Firms, Crunchbase, Extract, and

Saigon Technology

Location: Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang, Vietnam

Founded: 2010

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Saigon Technology is an established IT consulting and custom software outsourcing company located in Vietnam. With 120+ and more than 10-year-experience in business, the company serves small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and large-scale enterprises all over the globe. Saigon Technology helps clients bring their boldest ideas into reality with full-cycle custom .NET development solutions.

This .NET development team creates the best software that is always customized for their customer's specific needs and requirements. Saigon Technology provides agile software development offshoring and outsourcing services for companies across different niches, spanning from fintech, enterprise mobility, logistics, and transportation to digital health and media.

A great example of their work is a .NET Core-based Field SaaS Software Solution that can help business owners manage their teams even more effectively and save up to 40% cost.

As a well-known industry leader, Saigon Technology has verified its competence and expertise once again, being awarded the Certification of Excellence in IT Development Outsourcing by the Vietnam Software Association. The Saigon Technology team of experts can build a software product that meets all your expectations.

ODS Group

Location: Australia

Founded: 2010

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ODS Group is the Australian offshore outsourcing software development company with a team of talented engineers and data analysts on board. They also provide an extensive specter of .NET development services, including web development, end-to-end development, custom application development, desktop app development, enterprise mobility software development, and platform OS migration.

With more than 10 years of experience in .NET development, ODS Group builds excellent cloud-ready .NET applications with intuitive user interface design and complex functionality.

If you're looking for a reliable tech partner and expert in .NET development, then ODS Group can also be the right choice. This team consists of highly skilled professionals who like to meet technology challenges and implement incredible innovations.

TechTIQ Solutions

Location: Singapore

Founded: 2017

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TechTIQ Solutions is a top-notch software development company and digital transformation service provider. It provides certified software solutions and services for big companies and startups. Since 2017, TechTIQ Solutions has been servicing enterprise clients across 25+ countries by delivering the best quality business solutions.

The company builds cutting-edge web and enterprise mobility software products with intuitive user interfaces. Also, TechTIQ Solutions provides high-quality .NET-based end-to-end software solutions for businesses.

It goes without saying that TechTIQ Solutions approaches security questions very seriously and always ensures that its software aligns with all the industry quality and security standards. This company can become your long-term technology partner and help you create a .NET application with a perfect market-fit.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.

Location: Australia, India, the USA

Founded: 2003

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Cyber Infrastructure Inc. is the leading custom software development company with headquarters in Australia, India, and the USA. It offers a comprehensive suite of services including mobile app development, web development, server administration, and database development.

It has an agile .NET development team of software engineers who build outstanding software products that always correspond to the client's individual requirements and business objectives.

Operating since 2003, Cyber Infrastructure Inc. has already delivered many projects for startups and enterprises all over the globe. Cyber Infrastructure Inc. applies .NET frameworks to build prominent, highly-secure, and dynamic .NET apps. This leading .NET development company strives to add real value to their clients and help to build memorable brands by empowering companies with web, desktop, and mobile app solutions as well as enterprise software based on .NET technology.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc. has been recently recognized as one of the Top .Net Development Companies and Top Software Development Companies by GoodFirms. It has also been rated among Top .Net Developers on TopDevelopersBiz.

Zymr, Inc.

Location: India, USA

Founded: 2003

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Zymr is a fast-growing software development company that integrates state-of-the-art technology, agile digital product development culture, and innovation to build world-class software solutions for its clients.

Founded in 2003, Zymr has grown into one of the most trusted .NET development consultancies in the industry. It has been rated as one of the Top .NET Developers on Clutch, GoodFirms, and The Manifest. The company specializes in developing productive, engaging, and highly secure .NET applications. As a Microsoft Partner, they primarily use Microsoft tools to build web applications. Zymr team usually adheres to the full-cycle development process which means that they will not only develop the software but also provide continuous tech maintenance for years. 

Closing Thoughts

Are you looking for the best .NET development professionals in the industry? To help you service seekers find and hire a trusted and highly skilled .NET developer with deep domain knowledge and rich expertise, we have created the above-introduced list of the top five .NET development companies in Southeastern Asia.

These industry-leading .NET development companies deliver excellent .NET solutions to help their customers gain enviable competitive advantage. Hopefully, this list will help you make a well-informed decision on a technology partner for your next project.

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