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Discussion on: My Podcast Subscriptions

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Sung M. Kim

Wow Jamie, thanks for the list and synopsis of each podcast 💃.

First of all, it's amazing that there is a podcast dedicated on Git.
And I totally wasn't aware of Shawn Wildermuth's podcast.

It's amazing how much time & effort you are putting in for your podcasts and helping others to become concerned with security with OWASP with your OwaspHeaders.Core library.

It seems like both you and Martin have a great interest in security.
He has a whole section of podcasts for InfoSec

I'd love to see if you can later post about what OWASP is and why we should be concerned about security more 😉

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Jamie Author

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check out Martin's list, for sure. I'm always looking to learn more about security, as it's a bit of a game of cat and mouse.

What a great idea about a post on OWASP and what it is. I'll get drafting something.

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