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Do not apologize

Do not apologize for working, trying to learn new things, or going after what you believe.

Apologizing in those situations is an attitude usually among juniors learner but can extend to seniors and in all the scenarios of our life.

Do not make sense to apologize when you need to confirm a requisite or a feature because it's part of your job.

You're not asking for a favor, you are working, what is normally. As I said, it's part of your job and it is part of it ask for help.

If you work in a company where you need to apologize for asking for help, maybe it is time to find another place.

The best is working in a team where you feel like you are among friends, of course, not forgetting it's still a professional space.

Working with peace of mind and a good process stabilized is the best a company can offer to you.

Be straight with what you need. Cut the apologies and try to be clean and straightforward.

Replace for "sorry, can I ask something?" for "Hi, I need help in X thing. I think you can help me"

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awesome post!

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Danilo Assis