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How to put the Learning in Public in practice

Learning in Public is a powerful tool to improve your soft and hard skills.

In this tiny text, I will relate how I like to put into practice my learn in public. Feel free to tell me your ways to do it.


Every solution you have found should be shared. A blog post, a video, study group, whatever. If you were with a problem and this thing helped you to fix it or find a way to go forward remember that today or in the future it will have people in your place. When sharing, you can make their life easier.

Give Back

For all those things above, give back to it the way you can. What do I want to say with this?

  • It is a blog post, you can give back by leaving a comment thanking the author
  • Give a clap if it is a medium blog post, or like if is Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Being a video you can do more, you can share it on other social media besides doing the other things already said. Throw it forward to reach more people.
  • Subscribe or follow the channel where you find your solution

Get over your fears

After I introduce the learning in public for someone, the most common is this person start to share their fears.

  • talking in public
  • talking with strangers on the internet
  • what people will say about my solution?

I’m sharing something that helped me, that I think is useful, and I can still learn better ways of doing the same thing.

If what I’ve shared is “wrong”, I will learn the correct or better way to solve my problem

How this helps me

We can do the learning in public normally in our days. But, one thing that helped me was to be aware of what it is and how it could improve.

After that, my network flow improved so much. I start to be more able to talk with people, make new connections. Also on business.


Communication is one of the most important things in our life and career.

Now how to speak can help you on both sides. Being an interview or a discussion about some theme.

Finding solutions more easily

Finding the solution to problems started to become a common and easier practice. The paths become known, as well as the ways to find new ones or create them.

Start to teach

Teach is a good way to learn too. To teach, with intelligence and knowing something you need to study twice or more times. Need to put in practice, make a POC that their idea works. And, when will teach these to someone it will be like a review from it.

Start putting these little things into practice, a little at a time. Learn from others, improve your ideas, share, and soon you will have your learning in public in practice as something normal in everyday life.

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