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Redux A short intro.

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Redux - A short introduction

From the documentation , Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.To put simply its a JS App Data Flow Architecture.

Modern UI Libraries in order to entertain cool UI Features make use of states(States are just like variables, but variables on which a ui component depends). Redux is a data flow architecture which allows us to handle app state in rather easy and well to maintain way.

NOTE : Redux is used for larger apps i.e where there is a lot of UI Components involved and their change depends on data.

Redux Building Blocks

  • Store

Store is the object that holds the application state.

Yup ! The entire state of an app is represented by store. The store provides some methods to interact, Dispatch actions, Register any listeners e.t.c.

  • Actions

Simply, Actions are events.

Store is only changed by actions, actions are basically requests which sends data to store and then from store app access the states.

  • Reducers

Reducers are pure functions which based on actions returns the next state.


*This is the most basics of redux. To know more hop over to the links below.

Useful Links

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