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Text editor for a newbie, suggestions?

Hi peeps, I'm a non-technical founder learning to code. Currently using code Academy and learning HTML, CSS, & Javascript. My goal will be getting to a fullstack dev. I'm looking into text editors. Any suggestions?

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I recommend using VS Code as it is popular and supported a lot. There are a lot plugins that will help you on your fullstack journey.

You might come across terminal once a while so you might consider Vim (or its variant NeoVim) later. It will make terminal life easier.

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Klajdi Ajdini

Hello there and welcome to the industry.

For beginners I would recommend an editor such as brackets, brackets is really easy to use and has a good amount of extensions.
The editor that most people are using nowadays is Visual Studio code (VS code). Another popular editor is Sublime text. I would recommend starting with brackets and then switching to either Vscode or Sublime text both of them are great.

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Jukka-Pekka Keisala

Visual Studio Code

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Mohsen Alyafei

VS Code from Microsoft is free and excellent for coding with many features, options, and extensions. It is a MUST HAVE.

Do not confuse it with the Big Brother Visual Studio.

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Gabriel Goller • Edited

Remember: The editor is the least important tool of any developer!
But: Visual studio code is great

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