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Ex-Meta Engineer answers Coding Interview Questions

Former E5 Meta engineer answers questions about coding interviews. We hosted a Q&A style event that you can watch HERE.

Questions like the below are discussed in detail -

5:03 - What’s your take on how preparing your data structures/leetcode knowledge applies towards software engineering actually on the job?

9:19 - What are some things I can put on my software engineering resume if I am a senior in college but I do not have any internship/experience?

19:08 - How should the interview process be different for senior engineers? For example someone who has 10+ years of experience?

26:13 - For the behavioral interview do you recommend a resource?

34:08 - Being self-taught what was your path to Facebook?

35:44 - How did you know and how did it feel when you were well-prepared and felt likely to pass your technical interview?

46:41 - How important is Github/personal profile of projects?

46:55 - What was the thing you benefitted most from mock interviews?

48:33 - What would be the mini roadmap to knowing the ADM 2 specific math?

Let us know if you have any additional questions in the discord:

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