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A lightweight web framework for Go

dannypsnl profile image 林子篆 ・1 min read

Rocket is a little web framework because we're tired at marshaling/unmarshaling data when developing API servers. Although we already not at the old company but still keep the concept and implementing it.

I would like to know your thinking and how can we improving it. If you can take time to see the source code and that would be so great! Thanks first!

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Adrian B.G.

As a general feedback I wish people make more libraries like gorilla mux and less frameworks, but from another point of view, for web API servers I use Open API/swagger and treat it like a detail of the implementation,that is auto generated, like protobuffs files.

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林子篆 Author

That's my fault, I know a library would be better for combining them to get the output and be more general, but I feel write a router is fun and do one then base on it to develop these codes XD. We're also planning to spread code to two parts, one is a router, another is marshaling/unmarshaling, but might not right now.

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What's the pros? target?
Docs are nice and short and easy to read.

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林子篆 Author • Edited

I think the target is you can say what you want in the structure definition(use struct tag) without knowing how to do that, when developing an API server, what I actually care would be data, not JSON, Query or that's a route variable. You nice point out what I missing XD.

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