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elz inviting contributors

dannypsnl profile image 林子篆 Updated on ・1 min read

Hi, I'm working on a programming language called elz. To make features done faster I want more contributors since I only have one person now.

GitHub of the project:

To help you understand how can you contribute to the project, I list several skills that need by a programming language compiler:

  • Programming Language Theory: You probably good at lambda calculus and already implement lambda cube and familiar with Proof Assitant such as Coq, Agda or dependent type language like Idris, Pie. With such skill, you can contribute to semantic, parser modules and provide language designing ideas.
  • Garbage Collection/C API: A robust runtime is very important for any programming language. And a good GC is the core of it. And I didn't have too many experiences in this.
  • LLVM: Since I don't want to have a dynamic dependency on LLVM, I choose to make MIR and convert to LLVM IR in the codegen module. This, of course, would have more work to be done. So people who are familiar with LLVM IR format are welcome.
  • Early users: Languages are designed for use if a programming language didn't help developers in some ways, then it doesn't need to exist. Report bugs and provide experience are what I would very thanks.

And here are current issues need help:

If you would like to contribute, feel free to do PR, create issues or asking me questions. Thanks for the read.

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