What's your strategy for learning through online courses?

danpgomez profile image Daniel P-G ・1 min read

While taking online coding tutorials, I often find that I have to rewatch the video more than once to fully grasp the material. I also rarely feel ready/confident to apply the material after following a set of instructions with the provided "starter code" and so my strategy has been to rebuild the provided app from scratch. But that also means that I take 2-3 times longer completing courses. Is there a better way? Hit me up with your best tips 😀


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Lewis kori

that's what I do as well😂. maybe longer is better if you're learning by doing. Instead of just watching the videos mechanically.
I also write notes on key points so I can reference those in future instead of looking at the code.

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Martín Vukovic

This is a very personal choice, and it also can change from course to course.
Some times I need to watch it in 1.5x speed or else I will fall asleep, other times, I have to constantly pause to see the code on the screen and take it all in.

I like courses that are practical and go direct to the point, and dislike those who will have 10 introductory videos talking about what you are about to learn, how you should use the platform, how you should take notes, how you should do the excercises, how to stay motivated... I find those utterly patronizing and boring (cof cof courses by Google).

If taking notes helps you, take notes by hand of find a nice app for note taking that works the way you like. If you feel that you need to write everything from scratch, don't use the sample code, just do it yourself. The brain needs time to process new stuff and everyone is different.

An also.. don't get stuck in the tutorial hell. Watching some videos and reading some docs is necessary, but don't stay there forever, eventually you need to get your hands dirty and start doing stuff yourself.

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Daniel P-G Author

Thank you! I like the idea of watching videos at a faster speed 😀