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Track your time to boost your productivity

If you have been like me when I started to learn to code it was a huge challenge for me, I soon joined many of the popular coding movements like freeCodeCamp and the #100DaysOfCodes hashtag on twitter but nothing can make you learn code unless you actually do it.

Here's a simple method you can keep yourself on the path and while having tangible metrics of your progress. Use WakaTime in your editor and forget it, review it every week and aim for more coding time. You can code anything, but just do it.

I started from a goal of 8 hours per week which was pretty difficult for me at that time, but I was able to ramp it up to 20-30 hours of coding time.

Now 8 hours of coding time may seem little, but you'll quickly realize that a lot of your time is spent on researching and reading, which won't be counted by WakaTime. So an hour is equal to 2-3 hours of writing.

Give it a try and let know of your thoughts!

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James Schleigher

Thanks for sharing. I've never heard of WakaTime, but I'll check it out. I always use task management software with time tracking to manage my tasks. I prefer to centralize everything in one tool. So far, I like Trello and Quire.

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But, It may not be a good idea to send your time data to some server. Any alternative to this?