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Why i freakin love coding


Hello there!
Its the beginning of my 2 week vacation and once again i sit in front of the computer ONE day after the last working day. But why?
Because i love coding! I love to code, write about coding and even smell code.

Today i want to write about coding and why im loving it. Maybe you guys and girls can relate or share your reasons why you love it. Im curious to hear them!

How it started

Once i was a little kid which got introduced into the world of technology. Playstation, Playstation 2, PC... And the computer was just a nice feeling even right back there. It felt right if you know what i mean. And even when i just was gaming on the computer i realized over time that you can do much more with a computer. And damn was i fascinated about the computer itself. How its working, how it does things and in which way.

Solve Problems

Big timeskip - when i was 18 years old i started an apprenticeship as a IT specialist specializing in application development. I was there - i started to learn how to solve complex problems with a computer. And even i learned a lot the most i learned years later on my own with the help of the internet.

If you are like me you have this appetite - appetite for more wisdom and learn and learn and learn (stack overflow incoming) and learn and learn...

I started to watch courses on Udemy and Youtube and go to websites like Hackerrank and Codewars to learn how to be better as a problem solver. Because this is what we are: Problem Solvers

Where am i now

Right now im a 27 years old web developer with more focus on the frontend than on the backend but i also enjoy doing Backend things. I also got into the world of app development with Flutter and LOVE it (Seriously give Flutter a try its awesome). I love that i can do what i love for a living and that i got that many opportunities in my life. I can work from home (from everywhere i want) and can code in Javascript, Python, C, Dart and every freakin language i want. And maybe one day i decide to switch my main line and start with game or app development - who knows. I have the choice!

Whats coming next

I really dont know. And thats super okay. I just know that i want to learn something every single day and improve myself even if its only a tiny bit. After hundred days these little steps will compound and define who i am. A better Developer and human being!


This wasnt a thread where i teached you something technically but i hope you learned something different and maybe appreciate your life as a developer more. Because its awesome and we got so much power and so much fun like nobody else out there!

In the future the demand for developers will go to the moon. Be prepared and invest in yourself!

Stay connected to me and my content on Twitter.

I love to improve myself every single day even if its just a tiny bit!

Stay save and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!

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