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How do I write this HTML line better

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Just getting back into programming, know the basic's and a bit more but I tend to write bad code(I think anyways).

My question is, do I have to use span tags in this to make it work? I am trying to set it up so in css I'll be making ex nihilo sit on-top of SOFTWARE. It just looks weird to me. Would making two h1's and put it into a flex box better?

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If you want them to be simply on top of one another, just make them both <div>s instead of <span>s. By default, spans have the property "display: inline" which makes them fall side by side. Divs, on the other hand (since they default to "display: block") will fill the entire width of their container.


Hmm, sit on top as in this:

Ex nihilio

Or would ex nihilio overlay software?

For whatever reason I don't see any CSS, maybe cause I'm on a mobile view.

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