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Make task management fun again

I like to deal with productivity and how to increase it. In doing so, I am always trying out new tools and techniques, which I read or hear about.

You can imagine that there are some very pleasant tools and methods, but also some that do not fit me personally.

My previous experience has taught me that new tools and methodologies can be the following:

  • complex to learn
  • untested and undocumented
  • Controversially discussed
  • not suited to my personal daily routine
  • ill-suited to my way of working
  • not suited to my working environment
  • ill-adapted to my way of thinking
  • time-consuming to implement

Nevertheless, it is fun to try new things and maybe even to adapt and integrate only parts of them.

This is how I came across WorkFlowy some time ago.

Meet WorkFlowy

WorkFlowy itself is already described on the homepage, which welcomes you with a very simple design:

Overwhelmed? We can help.
WorkFlowy offers a simple way to stay organized. If you have a crazy job or an ambitious project, we will be your trusty sidekick.

What is WorkFlowy about

WorkFlowy is a todo list. It can have an infinite number of levels, uses keywords and can do much more. All this combined in a super easy to use, tidy interface with clever shortcuts and completely keyboard driven (for keyboard fanatics like me).

Which features does it provide

As described at the beginning, I am always interested to learn about new things concerning productivity. But of course I also want to optimize my own processes.

I have been using WorkFlowy for half a year. I use it for simple todos, for notes during phone calls and for short intermediate storage of texts.

I make particularly intensive use of the function for nesting lists.

I write the text for a point, decide that I would like to gather more information for it or that I want to divide it further into individual tasks and simply jump one level deeper with the key combination ALT+Right.

The lists can also be sorted easily by simply dragging and dropping the items or using a key combination.

Of course you can also indent points and thus visually display different levels without directly creating a new sublist.

If you now imagine that you can have an infinite number of levels, you will find the successful search function even more helpful!

Here is a list of features. I made a short GIF to demonstrate the features to get a better feeling of how fast you will be with WorkFlowy.

  • searching
  • ordering
  • complete
  • duplicate
  • deleting
  • show/hide completed
  • notes
  • bold/italic/underline
  • switch pages
  • board view / list view

Here is a demo of all the features as GIF on imgbb (was too big to include here).

Why do I recommend WorkFlowy

I love the simple operation. Working alone with the keyboard is great and you stay right in the flow if you stay directly on the keyboard after finishing the sentence, descend one level lower and continue writing.

You find your entries super fast, can manage them comfortably and I must say that since then I don't use any other tool for the pure management of tasks anymore.

Due to projects, there are of course still tools like Azure DevOps and others in use, but I even transfer some information from there to WorkFlowy to manage everything clearly in one place.

Did you know WorkFlowy already? What is your experience?

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zoebourque profile image

Thanks for the complete review of WorkFlowy. I really like to use task management software for my work and personal life. I've tried several ones like Trello, Quire, and Wrike. I really like Quire from these three tools because it's easy to use. Next, I will try out WorkFlowy! XD