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Build Warehouse and Store Management System - Pt. 2

Please read this post before:

The Deal That Happened

The Deal Happened

After us, I and the prospective customer agreed. The dream project begins.

And I can't describe my current position in that job. Because all those who do all the things in the waterfall theory


When there is an agreement between me and the customer, I prepare everything so that I can then create a roadmap for this project and what do I do about it?

As a stupid developer, I need a lot of stories about the company's journey and the obstacles that are often faced while the company is running, such as

  • How is the management process that has been implemented?
  • What's the problem?
  • What kind of programs have you used?
  • How is all data managed?
  • How are all transactions distributed?
  • etc

I have listened to many stories and some tasks have started to be made on a timeline. However, this process will continue indefinitely. As a developer who does not have an academic background related to management system development, I try to dig deeper into my experience to be able to improvise in this project, because this project is the dream project of the owner of the company, so I have to be really committed and think fast.

Back in the days when I was a lover of literature, I was a theater activist and playwright before. But I fell in love with IT and found the connection. From there I believe that making a program capable of orchestrating data and producing information as the climax in the story plot is called Information and Management Systems. I'm very confident.

Here we are talking about migrating a traditional management to digital. Can you imagine?

It all started with a pile of paper and transaction notes

I need all the data and documents in the company. And everything was generated to me, for then I read and researched to create a database.

Then I need to communicate with the employees involved in the business, such as:

  • Driver
  • Warehouse Admin
  • Cashier
  • etc

I enjoy listening to stories and it's a fun job for me, because I can learn a lot from problems and try to fix them. Isn't that the job of someone who is considered an IT expert (Not for me)? But I am happy to hear all the needs they want to be able to be integrated into one system. All the staff were very cooperative and gladly gave me all the stories I needed.

Isn't that the job of a scriptwriter? Looking for resources to tell the story and then play it on stage or in a film? And I really enjoyed the process. But I have a problem, I never considered myself to be a programmer, software developer, or IT expert. I like to think of myself as a narcissistic artist, and director of an orchestration of solutions within a system.

A Problem

I'm one of those people who don't like dealing with a timeline to work on a project with a certain time. This has become a disease or maybe my style of working, and I admit that I am not a person who is easily controlled by circumstances. I am really idealistic about the principles that I already hold. And I also communicated this with the owner of the company.

Fortunately, I got a very unexpected response, he actually looked for idealistic people like me to build his project, because for him communication is everything to make dreams come true. Because it is impossible for the dream to be realized in a short time, of course there are many processes that must be faced.

Maybe this will be different for those of you who are used to time targets in doing work and I am not one of those people. I am selfish and want to sell my idealism to make someone's dream come true.

So, it's not a problem... 😇

The real problem

The real problem is about the distribution of data in the company, everything must become more efficient and can be monitored in one dashboard.

  • Daily transactions (Realtime)
  • Exit/Enter Goods in Warehouse
  • Delivery of goods
  • Stock of goods in the warehouse
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Accounts Payable Report
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Income Report
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Expense Report
  • Store Cash Report
  • Warehouse Cash Report
  • Cash in/out reports
  • Bestseller Report
  • etc

Everything was developed and adapted to previous work habits, because for me technology should make it easier and not drastically change work culture. This is my benchmark when building anything, because users need to be comfortable and can easily fit into the new system/medium. And a principle like this that the owner of the company did not get when dealing with people before me.

Beta Version Launched

When the system was first launched and used by employees, they were happy to use it and I asked to contribute and provide feedback to me about what was lacking and what was not achieved in the system, because this is not over yet.

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Thanks for sharing! Can you help me? I am looking for a company providing warehouse management system development services