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Fun commands to use in your Linux terminal

Tired of the monotony of the default Linux terminal? I know you didn't answer, but look, I have a list of funny commands to use!

All the package names to install are in the images captions. So, let's go to the list!

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Matrix 👨‍💻

You know that Matrix effect, right? Which is all a hacker thing with a bunch of green letters and codes running across your screen. So, now imagine it in your terminal! If you imagined it, you can consider yourself as the new chosen one, like Neo!

After installing, just type cmatrix and then, your terminal will have this super cool effect of Matrix movies!

Matrix movie effect with green keys falling in cascade mode in Linux terminal

Package name: cmatrix

Hollywood Hacker 😎

If the Matrix command doesen't help in your home made movie, I have 100% sure the hollywood command will help!

Type the command above and your welcome to your best hacker scene ever for your movie! Here's a soundtrack to help, lol

A terminal screen with divisions showing pieces of code and processes being done

Package name: hollywood

Peeweee! Locomotive arriving! 🚂

Nothing to do? What about see a steam locomotive visiting through your terminal? This thing make my day! And that's it, a locomotive, haha

Just type sl (different from ls, ok?) to see the locomotive in action.

A steam locomotive in ascii art inside a linux terminal

Package name: sl

The cow said 🐮

Such as Deadpool, I believe cows will one day rule the earth. Meanwhile, how about making a cow say whatever you wants? (yes, a cow talking xD)

Go to the terminal and type cowsay "phrase" to make the cow say something instead 'moo'.

Cow in ascii art saying: Holy cow!

If you do not like cows like Deadpool, you can choose Moofasa to say something! Not only him, but also other ASCII arts! Replace the moofasa for something else, like cheese or ghostbusters.

Moofasa in ascii art saying: may the force be with you

Package name: cowsay

A sea with fish 🐟

A sea with marine animals are beautiful by nature, imagine in ASCII! If you want to makeup your terminal, or just see something nice, this is the right command!

Typing asciiquarium, your terminal will be adorned with so much aquatic beauty made by characters!

seabed in ascii art

OBS: In other distros, just install the package. On Ubuntu and Debian based distros, this is the installation process:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ytvwld/asciiquarium
sudo apt install asciiquarium

# If you have snap installed (sudo apt install snapd), try:
snap install asciiquarium
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Through the Fire and Flames 🔥

Have you ever thought about a terminal on fire? What would you do? You'd throw a fire extinguisher at your monitor? Well, your choice don't matter, because the aafire package does just that: sets your terminal on fire!


fire in ascii art

Package name: aafire

A clock in terminal 🕗

This one, a lot of people use to make rice (screenshot of your custom Linux) on r/unixporn. And… That's all. A clock.

Type tty-clock in the terminal to see the time in a different way.

the current time in a linux terminal

Package name: tty-clock

Cool phrases 💬

Want to have a personalized word or text? The toilet and figlet commands can provide you this!

Linux 4ever and Banana written in ascii texts

As with most of the commands I've shown, it also has several variations of text, such as figlet -f future phrase, toilet -f metal phrase, and others.

Cleiton and Darrow written in ascii text

Package names: toilet and figlet

That's all folks. I hope this article has helped you to bring your terminal to life! If you want a part two, comment down below, because I have more commands 😎

And if you want a pos-installation script for your Linux, with all this funny commands I told you, check my repository! Maybe help you.

GitHub logo darrow12 / Pop_OS-posInstall

🐧 Basic post install Shell Script for Pop!_OS


Pop!_OS pos-installation

Just a basic Pop!_OS pos-installation Shell Script for personal use.

PT-BR Readme EN-US Readme

Made by Darrow Contributions welcome Last commit Repo size License: MIT

🪧 Vitrine.Dev
Nome Script de Pós-instalação para Pop!_OS
🏷️ Tecnologias shell
🔥 Desafio Não tem

📥 · Installation

# Move the file to the /home folder

# Execute the file
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⌨️ · Apps

  • Vim
  • Git
  • Curl
  • NVM
  • Node.js
  • Yarn
  • NPM global apps (Sass, Nodemon, Nativefier, Asciiquarium)
  • Snap
  • Flameshot
  • Gnome Tweaks
  • Cheese
  • Timeshift
  • Audacity
  • Neofetch
  • Cmatrix
  • Yes
  • Cowsay
  • FIGlet
  • SL (Steam Locomotive)
  • Aafire
  • Fortune
  • Oneko

📤 · External apps

  • Vivaldi Browser
  • Discord
  • Hyper Terminal
  • 4K Video Downloader
  • TickTick
  • MEGAsync
  • Visual Studio Code

📦 · Flatpak packages

  • Figma for Linux
  • Spotify
  • Blender
  • Slack
  • OBS
  • GIMP
  • VLC Media Player
  • OnlyOffice

💡 · Bonus

  • CapsLock delay fixer

🏷️ · License

This project is under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more details.

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Developed with 💙

Have fun! Seeya! 👋

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