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Coding Challenge #0

In these challenges I ask you a question which you answer and I give shoutouts to correct answers. This is the first challenge, but for us devs it is 0th.

Rules and Instructions

  1. You need to solve the question within 24 hours of posting. However you can try it out even if you are late, just that you wouldn't get a shoutout here, but you will improve your knowledge.

  2. You can use any technology or programming language you like, but need to write code, no website/app builders allowed.

  3. Please try to submit a github or any other vcs hub repo instead of embedding code here.

  4. To get the shoutout your answer should be correct and submitted within 24 hours of publishing of this post.

Task(Difficulty: Easy)

Write some code (Use classes, structs, interface or functions) to create models for a course based application in which a user can be a student or instructor or admin. Courses should have a thumbnail image, video lessons with descriptions divided into sections, and also price. You can add as many features as you like but these features are minimum.

All the best...


Shoutouts will come here

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