Microsoft: Fluent UI vs UI Fabric

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Microsoft has its own design language which is called Fluent Design System. There is also Fluent UI which is a component library. To my understanding, it's based on Fluent Design System (please correct me if I am wrong). Moreover, Microsoft has one more component library called UI Fabric. It is a part of the Fluent Design System as well.

If they both are based on the Fluent Design System, what is a difference between them? Will the Fluent UI library and the UI Fabric library be merged in the future? When developing a web app/site, which library to use?

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Hey Sung,

Thank you for a suggestion. I've sent them a message once this post has been published but I've not heard from them yet.


They might or might not reach back depending on their situation.

You could also research specific people and ping'em :)

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