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Do the developer's rights exist?

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Why rights?

In many countries and in many companies the conditions in which developers work are not the most appropriate like bad hardware, bad salaries, a toxic work environment, etc.
What do you think would be the rights that a programmer should have to be able to do their job well and the optimal conditions to do it.

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Well, we are more or less all in a privileged position, since demand for programming labour is bigger than the supply. So, apart from the legalistic view: we have the option to speak up and if it doesn't help (or, if anybody doesn't feel like speaking up in the first place) to vote with our feet.

Do not be meek; you're time and work is too valuable to waste it on bad employers.


I think developers from under-developed countries are in a much more vulnerable position than those privileged by a tech-driven economy, they deserve to get protection as well.


They should have the right to form a union, leave the company and request changes.


In the UK, developer salaries are probably the highest of any industry. What is unacceptable is the amount of hours people are expected to do outside of their contracted hours.


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In Middle East.

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