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The .NET Stacks #64: ⚡ Looking at Functions support in .NET 6

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Welcome to another week. I hope you had a good weekend. Before getting to the community links, I've got some quick items for you this week:

  • Azure Functions .NET 6 support
  • .NET Foundation Board election news
  • Syncing namespaces in Visual Studio
  • Last week in the .NET world

Azure Functions .NET 6 support

Last week, Anthony Chu announced the availability of the public preview for Azure Functions 4.0—which includes .NET 6 support. In case you weren't aware, Azure Functions has two programming models: in-process and isolated. Azure Functions 4.0 supports .NET 6 through the isolated model.

As Anthony states, the isolated model gives you greater control over Functions configuration and allows you to use DI and middleware as you do in your ASP.NET Core apps. Currently, you can only use this from CLI tooling. Soon, there will be support for Visual Studio and Visual Studio closer to the general .NET 6 release date in November (which is when Azure Functions 4.0 will be off public preview and generally available).

Since we're talking about Azure Functions, long-term the in-process model will be retired in favor of the isolated model. As you can see from this diagram I stole from Microsoft, that won't happen until .NET 7 in November 2022.

.NET Foundation Board election news

The results are out for the 2021 .NET Foundation Board elections. Congratulations to the following folks who made the cut:

  • Mattias Karlsson
  • Frank Odoom
  • Rob Prouse
  • Javier Lozano (re-elected)

Syncing namespaces in Visual Studio

As Oleg Kyrylchuk mentions, in the last preview of Visual Studio 2022 you can syncronize namespaces to mirror how the folder structure looks in Solution Explorer. This is in preview, but looks to be a cool feature—and should be done with caution, as there isn't currently a way to undo easily.

🌎 Last week in the .NET world

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jayjeckel profile image
Jay Jeckel

Syncing namespaces to folder structure sounds interesting, but I can't think of a single time that I would've used such a feature. Maybe half a dozen times over the past few years I could have used such a thing on a single folder, but never project-wide and definitely never solution-wide.