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Investigating interactions between and stackbit

Is the description also the excerpt?

I was poking around in the api, and
had my stackbit cms

open in another window and I noticed something I hadn’t before. My first
ever post had a neat ‘excerpt’ that wasn’t actually part of the main
body of the post. My other posts didn’t. In the yaml there is actually
a key called excerpt with the string in question. The API also has a
value that can be part of the response which is a string labelled
which I hadn’t integrated into my package yet. I have
now. I must have written that first post through the editor built into
the website. Is this field no longer supported? I seem to be able to set
it through the API, but I can’t see the info anywhere on the current

So, if I’m correct, this post should show up with a neat little
description on stackbit, but not on

UPDATE: Apparently not. So what does the description field do then?

Should liquid tags work in stackbit?

I like the liquid tags, in some cases. I was even debating writing an R
function to convert a url into the relevant liquid tag through string
parsing, but I’ve spotted that liquid tags aren’t actually supported by
stackbit? See the end of this post on dev, and this copy of it on my
stackbit site, where the link seems large and broken. Are there plans to
support this on stack bit? Or do you already, and I’ve just not spotted
how to ‘turn it on’?

n.b. if you are on my personal site, this might be
confusing, but it’s actually generated from my content on via
an integration with stack bit. You can see more about this from the
links in the footer VVV

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