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Is there a good way to post from .Rmd to yet?

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1) Is there a good way to post from .Rmd to yet? 2) Posting from .Rmd to 3) Is there an API endpoint to upload images to DEV.TO? 4) Posting straight from .Rmd to (for real this time) 5) Testing my API package with testthat, webmockr and vcr

I know we have blogdown and distill, which are great for hosting whole sites. We also have the github_document output from knitr, which is ok, but a little manual to get something up on the site.

Does anyone know if there is any work being done to publish more effectively to, or something that I might have missed that is well known?

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I posted this on twitter and got some great responses:

So the answer appears to be "RSS feed from my blogdown", which is definitely robust and great for people who already have a blog setup. However, for those of us who don't have blogs, and have a higher tolerance for 'experimental' lifecycle stage code, I started a project to use the api to post. It can be found here:

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