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How to respond when someone on your team quits

David Kyle Choe
Co-Founder @Staat - Your new engineering project home
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Really excited to share this week's episode with y'all. It's a topic that not many people talk about. We see and celebrate people's "quitting stories", but we rarely, if ever, hear the manager's side of the story. It's a hard reality of the job, and we need more thinking and resources around the topic.

Eric Gong, former VP of Engineering and technical recruiter, and I go deep into the emotional, mental, cultural, and career impacts of someone leaving your team.
Here are the 3 top takeaways:

🏆 Give a Grand Exit: Send off the team member with positivity and high remarks. Specifically list out ways that team member has contributed to the team and the organization, and speak highly of them. This is likely not most people's first instinct, but this will have extremely positive and long-lasting effects down the line. It'll signal the kind of leader you are and more importantly how your team should respond in these situations.

😨 Accept the Unfair Feedback: Unfortunately, there is really no such thing as unfair feedback for managers. Even though things may be completely out of your control, it's up to you to listen, triage, solve, and advocate for your team. There's something to learn in even the most unfair feedback.

☝🏻 Manage Up: Your bosses and your bosses' bosses will be looking out for your reaction. It's most important to have a clear, simple plan for when someone leaves the organization. Depending on the frequency of resignations, this may also be a good time to bring up more foundational issues such as pay, benefits, or culture that haven't been addressed.

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