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Github Guesser - A Starry Game - 2 weeks of data

Hey devs!

In my last post, I promised that I will come back with some stats about my simple game: Github Guesser.
I wanted to wait until we reach 20k plays, but seems like the game is losing interest so I would rather not wait until that! (We are at 19k by the way)

All of the stats I am showing you here are from
7 Jun 2018 - 21 Jun 2018

I have posted about Github Guesser on 3 different platforms: Twitter, Reddit and Github Guesser is also available on GitHub so that also drove some traffic to the site. I have one post on Reddit and about 11 tweets on Twitter and one tweet which mentions it by the creator of Preact: Jason Miller (@_developit ) (Thanks a lot!). Lastly, I have two posts about it on (This will be the third)

Total visitors: 1182, 41 stars on GitHub

Top 10 countries - most guesses

The game has been played from 85 different countries!

Here is the top 10, sorted by guesses

Country Starts Guesses Corrects Wrongs
United States 218 2417 1557 860
Brazil 104 1603 1047 556
France 118 1512 943 569
Germany 95 1343 845 498
United Kingdom 90 1127 703 424
India 63 922 584 338
Spain 50 622 394 228
Sweden 37 460 304 156
Finland 47 428 270 158
Denmark 15 424 292 132

Top 3 browsers (93.32% of total visitors)

Browser Visitors
Chrome 843
Safari 183
Firefox 76

Top 5 operating systems (99.5% of total visitors)

Operating System Visitors
Macintosh 380
Android 283
Windows 219
iOS 170
Linux 124


Device Visitors
Desktop 729
Mobile 403
Tablet 50

Main sources of visitors

Source Visitors
Direct 442
Twitter 341 290
GitHub 95
Reddit 19

It's a really simple game: You need to guess which GitHub repository has more stars, based on the given information! Just click / touch the one you think is more popular and in a moment you will know whether you won or lost!

You can find the game here: Github Guesser
(plain link if you prefer that:

You can find the source code here:

PS Have you met Static yet?
PPS You can find my blog at

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YCM Jason

Quite cool! Thanks for sharing this! But the stars doesn't look up to date?

jibinp profile image
Jibin Philipose


davidszabo97 profile image
Dávid Szabó

Yes, I forgot to update the data for a while.
Just pushed an update. Also increased the repos from 100 to 200. :)

Hopefully I will have time soon to put together a backend.

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jibinp profile image
Jibin Philipose

Wowww, that's good and also is there a way to update stars automatically? so that the app doesn't show outdated stars.

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davidszabo97 profile image
Dávid Szabó

That's the plan. I had no time to implement a server yet.

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Jibin Philipose

All the best mate.