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Why companies should hire Juniors in IT?

If you go through job boards, how many times do you see job ads that are focused on juniors or entry-level candidates posted?

Questions that come to mind are; are there no vacancies for juniors or is it the company’s policy that consideration should be given to mid and senior hires alone?

It is very understandable that a lot of companies require immediate results every now and then.

Therefore, it makes sense to focus on hires that already have the required proficiency for execution and a proven track record.

As it is every organization’s dream to outlive its founders, it is important to give attention to the kind of hires you make thinking not only about the present alone but rather creating a balance between the present and the future that reflects in the way you hire talent.

Here are 10 reasons why IT companies should hire juniors:

1. Juniors have exceptional passion to deliver
Candidates who have little or no experience and apply to entry/junior roles are looking for an opportunity to put all they’ve learned to work, earn, and make a name for themselves.

You can’t find such passion elsewhere. They have every reason to perform.

Having such candidates in your company ensures that you have the fire needed for you to meet your goals.

2. Proof of Skill / Talent
Hiring for junior roles allows companies to validate the skills and talent of new hires over time.

This way, new hires are given tasks and projects based on their capabilities while they are accessed and they can always advance to senior levels as they show competence.

3. An opportunity to Groom a Rockstar
Seniors were not always seniors. They started out as juniors, gained the requisite skill and experience, and got to where they are because they were given the opportunity to.

When you hire Juniors, you have the opportunity to train them and groom them to be just the way you want them to be in line with your company’s culture and values.

4. Retention & Loyalty
As long as you encourage their ambition and progression and there are opportunities for them to get promoted, candidates hired as juniors will be lifelong advocates of your company.

Considering all you’ve invested in their training and development, they mostly will find your organization as a place they call home. They would always want to stay and keep building with you.

5. Opportunity for seniors to transfer their skills
Having juniors come work in your IT company means there’s an opportunity for skill transfer from the seniors to the juniors.

Juniors get to learn all the skills needed to get the job done and gain experience in real-time while at it.

This relationship is beneficial to the seniors as well as they get to reinforce what they know and even become better.

6. Path to Continuity
Hiring juniors means you would always have the tested and trusted candidate required to fill most vacancies in your company.

You will have suitable candidates to fill senior roles when there’s a need for people who already have a working history with your company.

Transitioning and performing their roles will be a breeze because they already have knowledge about your company’s needs & processes.

7. Inclusivity & Diversity
The kind of people you have in your company is a reflection of what your company stands for.

In this day and age where there is mass adoption and preference for companies that are inclusive and diverse in their workforce, hiring juniors would cast your company in a better light and attract people to want to know more about your service offerings.

8. Motivated Workforce
Motivation is infectious. When team members who are not juniors see how the juniors are motivated and passionate about their job, they rekindle their own fire.

There is healthy competition on performance and everyone on the team wants to be at their best all because the juniors are overperforming at their responsibilities.

9. Junior hires bring about innovation.
Juniors consume a lot of materials and content while undergoing training at the same time in order for them to overperform. This results in them discovering new and better ways of doing things.

In the process of discovering new things and implementing them, juniors can bring about innovation in the organization thereby improving the company’s processes.

10. Reduces the risk & cost of new hires
Junior hires are less experienced, hence their pay would be lesser than those of more experienced hires.

It is very possible that a senior hire wouldn’t reach all the expectations of the company and would need to be trained to be able to deliver on their responsibility while still being paid the negotiated salary.

A junior hire on the other hand takes away the risk and cost associated with hiring a senior who is paid at that level and still requires training.

With time, as the junior hire proves their worth. Their salary can be increased.

Your workforce should be diverse and that includes having juniors on your team.
Hiring a junior gives organizations an opportunity to impact an individual in such a way that is life-changing for them.

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