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Jesse Robertson
Jesse Robertson

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Devlog #2: Firebase/Google Login

I didn't have as much time as I'd like today, but I was able to complete what I set out to do, so I guess that's worth something.

Today, I set up a Firebase service for my application, and integrated Google login for native devices. The main time consumer today was deploying to my Android. I was able to emulate on iOS on my Macbook just fine, but Cordova kept on giving me trouble when I tried to run the app on Android. After multiple refreshes of my PATH variables, ensuring I had the right active JDK, and multiple restarts, I found a niche solution on Github.

Apparently, when declaring the path for the Android SDK root directory, it prefers an explicit declaration. So, rather than "$HOME/Library/Android/sdk" it wanted "/Users/myaccount/Library/Android/sdk". I'm not sure whether this is a bug that only affects a few or a necessity when using the SDK; either way, it fixed the issue.


Anyways, that's all for today. Tomorrow I'll mostly be using pen and paper(gasp) to draft up some basic UI/UX/Navigation structure, and getting in touch with some friends who would be potential users and getting into the specifics of what they need out of the app.

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