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Devlog #3: Planning

Didn't get much programming done today, but no worries! I have a much clearer vision for what the application will evolve into. So, this post will really just be describing in detail what the app is all about.

Ivy (working title) at it's core, is a house plant tracker. As a user, you'll be able to create a 'profile' of sorts for each of your houseplants. You can give it a name, take a nice picture of it, and then let us know what type of plant it is. Once we know which plant it is, it'll auto-populate a couple of different fields.

First is a synopsis of optimal care techniques for this specific plant (e.g. place it in direct sunlight, keep it in the shade, mist instead of water, etc.). Second is a care-scheduler. The application will automatically determine the optimal times to water the plant, how much water to give it, and then schedule push notifications for those times. Obviously, all of this is also editable by the user.

Another idea that I'm working through is the idea of using this platform as a way to both connect with other houseplant caretakers, but also to connect with botanists/biologists who are able to give direction/diagnoses for when your plants may not be healthy. Still working through how this would function by talking to a number of local botanists, but in the early stages it's looking to be very promising and is a way to bring about a revenue that will help with development costs.

That's all for today, and if you're at all interested in the app, go ahead and follow to keep up to date with development!

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