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Jesse Robertson
Jesse Robertson

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Hello World

Hey there DEV community!

I decided I wanted to start documenting my learning process, so starting tomorrow I will be writing daily devlogs. I am beginning some app prototyping and am going to be building it using Ionic to see if I like it.

A little bit about me:

I grew up in the IT realm and have always been messing around with computers. I especially love Raspberry Pi's and Arduino. I've been programming on and off since I was about 15 and have used a variety of languages and frameworks. I really enjoy change and spontaneity.

I went to college for three years and bounced between electrical engineering, computer science, criminal justice, exercise science, and information security. I realized I was wasting too much money for not really getting anywhere and dropped out.

Currently, I'm working odd jobs and freelancing to get by while I figure out what I want to do. I think I want to end up in the software engineering world, but I also enjoy content creation(I run a YT channel and a podcast) and writing. I'm a jack of all trades who intends on mastering them all.

If you end up following along, enjoy the ride and thanks for tuning in!

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