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Graphic Design Careers and Job Opportunities

Graphic design is a fast growing industry, because technology is at the front and always evolving. Graduates of graphic design have several career choices.

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Having a graphic arts design degree can lead to a variety of career opportunities. Even if one is trained in fine arts, a major in graphic design can open up doors to explore other artistic opportunities. Having this variety of skills will make one more appealing on the job market, as one has experience with blending different academic genres. The position mentioned below cannot be found in every corporation, but the description explains what the roles and responsibilities are of each.

Hands-on Graphic Designers

Graphic designers, who actually do the designing, either by hand or on a computer, are hands-on designers. There are both junior and senior designers within larger corporations who work together to create graphic designs for clients. Projects and topic can vary greatly, particularly if working with an advertising firm. General responsibilities include selecting the color for the design, the size, the sounds and artwork that will accompany the design and additional animations and visuals. Graphic designers are responsible for presented the completed design with all the elements of composition to the art director.

Freelance graphic designers are individuals who work from home or under their own name. There are advantages and disadvantages of being a freelance designer. The advantages include working from home, setting own hours and choosing interesting projects. The disadvantages, however, can sometimes overshadow the benefits, as pleasing existing clients, finding new ones, dealing with rejections and working evenings and weekends can be tough in the long run. Despite this, many choose this route because of the independence and lack of corporate structures.

Web designers are not simply programmers that write and develop HTML or JavaScript. Web designers are also graphic designers, who build, design and maintain corporate websites. Modern site design is a must for today. Just compare this site, which brings you back to the old Internet, with the same website after the redesign. Web designers can also contribute graphics and maintenance to other companies, who may need graphic assistance. The daily duties of web designers can include writing and designing web page content and editing the work as it is produced. Web designers are also problem-solvers and are often hired to both implement and fix potential problems that might occur in the designing process. Thus, it is important than web designers stay updated on current web technologies, graphic design developments and programming practices to offer the best possible services to corporations and clients.

A videogame designer is another fun job where technology again lends it advanced hand. There are new websites, technical applications, video games, animations and electronic media created daily in the design industry. Because videogames often rely on graphic designs to give players the best graphics, there are often plenty of opportunities within the videogame design industry.

Graphic Design Director Positions

Art directors have the responsibility of the overall design projects. This includes reviewing and approving the work done by junior and senior graphic designs, which may include style, size, photography, audio and animations. Art director often review the basic layout design or presentation because they have direct contact with their own accounts and clients. They directly confer with the clients, the production teams and creative departments to make sure clients’ needs are met. Since they are responsible for their own accounts, art directors also work with clients to decide on technicalities, such as budget, approaches and techniques. When the design project has been completed, art directors are often responsible for presenting the final product to the client.

Creative directors do not work directly with graphic design, but may offer creative opinions or perspective on a design project. Creative directors are more focused on the marketing aspect of selling the design to potential clients.

Graphic design can be a rewarding career for those with a creative mind and a dedicated spirit. It is a career that suits those who works best alone in front of a computer, but can also suit those who likes to interact with clients and play a key role in projects.

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