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The automated internet, a fun topic to think about

Just a coder and a dad. I love my family and I love to code!!!! started coding at 11, so I have 25 years under my belt. Still love learning about it every day. Black lives matter!
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If you stop to think about how much of the internet is powered by bots, from your AI to your simple automated responses, it's fascinating to think about what goes on without a single human interaction.

Imagine we all logged off for a day. Not a single human were to interact with the internet... and we got to see live data of everything going on, what would that look like?

I have zero stats and I'm sure I could google it, but I rather just think and imagine, what this world is like.

Bots talking to each other, both spam and useful information. Transferring data from database to database via api endpoints, forms, scan-bots and other.

Bug's being created and fixed, all without a human interaction. Systems being infected and wiped out by viruses, while some systems fight those virus and cleanse themselves.

Instagrams, twitter, facebook and others, all still posting away as if no one left their accounts.

How much of it would stop working? How much of it would work better? :p

It's all very fascinating to me.

Have you ever thought of it? Have cool insight to this? More ideas of what would happen?

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Buffer queues that activate IFTTT rules that do stuff which in turn queue things to post in Buffer