what online tools or references do you use when developing?

dechamp profile image DeChamp ・1 min read

I typically have to use a handful of tools daily, such as base64 encode/decode, rgb/hex color or image sharing for screen shots.

I'm curious what others use for references and tools on the daily.


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As mostly a backend dev I rely a lot on the search engine, I use DuckDuckGo.

Sometimes I use site:dev.to thing when I'm quite sure I've seen a dev.to post talk about the thing I'm struggling to solve.

The rest is some bookmarks.

I guess I don't have "online tools" then 😂


cppreference.com. It doesn't make any sense to memorize all the details of a language. It's enough to remember only what is in there in general. :)


sweet! I agree. I use references and doc guides more than trying to remember it all. Why remember something if you don't use it often enough to remember it naturally.