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Angular vs React: Which one is best for web application development?

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Angular vs React

Angular vs React, While making a web application, picking which JavaScript system to utilize can be an awesome choice. The Google and Facebook front end movement structures have enormous planner frameworks, at any rate, unique excitement for the business vs application idea. There are different choices, yet unequivocal contest incorporates the decision between two of the heaviest hitters: Angular or React?

Angular vs React

Angular is a full stack web application system situated in Typescript, regularly connected with the front end design pattern toward Single Page Applications, and kept up by Google. Angular is a superheroic JavaScript MVVM system, developed in 2009, which is incredible for structure exceedingly web applications. React is a UI library situated in JavaScript, ordinarily connected with the pattern toward part based engineering, and is kept up by Facebook.

Angular vs React: Which one is best for web application development?

Angular vs React, Utilizing tools for creating different web applications, there can never be the best one. Everyone has its own advantages and downsides. A component that is profitable in one circumstance may demonstrate to be a disadvantage for another.

Advantages of Angular: Read the full article here: https://www.decipherzone.com/blog-detail/Angular-vs-React-for-Web-Application-Development

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Doesn't matter what you choose as the view layer. You're writing JavaScript applications, not "React" applications.

Using a framework agnostic router like Crayon you don't have to care about what framework you use



If you don't include Vue it doesn't even make sense to compare frameworks, not to mention it hands down having the best of both React and Angular.


I think you can't compare these two. With React you will need a solution like redux to have something a little similar to what you have with angular.


Why do you have to post topics that are so divisive?