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Let's help us in making our website even better

decipherzone profile image Mahipal Nehra ・1 min read

We are working on redesigning our website. We want to make it perfect. We need your suggestions.

The link to the current version: https://www.decipherzone.com/

Working on a few changes that are here: https://dev.decipherzone.com/dz/

We would love to get feedback on SEO, design, performance, page speed optimizations, accessibility, and responsiveness.

Can you help us? Any feedback would be appreciated.


Decipher Zone Softwares

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Hello there!

I think the thing that requires right now more love and attention is the page speed, it is loading too slow and I think the header animation —even thought it is REALLY awesome— may have something to do with it. Have you considered not changing the background image, only the text? Maybe this solves that a bit?

Second thing —and this is totally my esthetic opinion—, only-white space makes it cleaner than the white/blue version, which makes a constant visual difference in a very small space for the user. Maybe having more space (height) in each section would solve that.

I'm not a SEO expert, but I get every point you want to show in the page within a few seconds, so I guess the key features/signs are correct.

I hope this is helpful, see you soon!

EDIT!! Your images height is set fixed when responsive, this makes the images look bad. You could solve that by setting height:auto at your web when the images hit x media query.


Have you visited our dev portal where we are working on changes?



The background effects are nice, but i suspect they are costing potential visits due to load time.

Check out this picture taken from lighthouse in chrome, taken with simulated 4g.

Getting interactable content loaded early (also called time to interactive) should be your priority if you a fishing for those last visits.

If it was me i would ditch the fancy effects, or load them in later.

Light house illustration


Both versions look cool! I would leave it as is and I would start promoting it and attracting new clients :)


@mahipal, The site is good but the site is not able to fulfil its purpose. When I opened decipherzone.com/ and scrolled down, I got distracted by the elements.


Thanks for your response. So, Would you love to suggest something that
can be helpful.