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Use of mobile and web applications in the healthcare industry

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Mobile and web applications have become an inevitable part of our life and it has been disrupting the industries for a while but we never realized what it has done for the healthcare industry and what it can do in near future.

Top 10 ways of how mobile and web applications impacted the healthcare industry

Use of mobile and web applications in the healthcare industry.

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1. Surgical assistance with augmented reality

Augmented Reality and VR headsets were just the beginning, the real groundbreaking technology is a mixed reality that was introduced by Microsoft with HoloLens. Now the software industry is working to develop apps like Vuforia View for the healthcare industry which could help doctors with the magnification of small human organs and assistance in surgery.

2. CAD for Dentists

Common problem dentists face is that they have cases where dental implants are required, so if the size of implanted teeth is not of right size it scorches the neighbouring teeth of the patient and damages them over a period of time. The solution to this problem was to use CAD software for designing the required dental implant and send it to manufacturer laboratory. Exocad and 3Shape are two software of this kind which is not too popular at the moment as they have a hefty price tag.

3. Remote consultation with Doctors

Access to quality healthcare and doctors has always been a concern in developing countries and remote areas. To resolve this, remote consultation’s approach was adopted that brought the healthcare industry to the shores of mobile and web application development company. Practo is one such example and now doctors are even consulting patients through video calling apps.

4. Online Pharmacies

Access to good quality medicine is limited because of either the unavailability of medicine in the vicinity of the high retail price. Online pharmacies help patients to identify their disease by analyzing their symptoms, offering them the home delivery of their demanded medicine and suggesting them alternatives to that medicine in case it is unavailable of expensive for them. In a way, it can be said online pharmacies tied a bridge to ensure the right to healthcare.

5. Maintaining health records of patients

Managing healthcare records of regular checkups is a pretty hefty task, forget about perfectly maintaining records of patients who suffer from a terminal illness. Mobile and web applications can be used to maintain healthcare records for effective collaboration between doctors, insurance companies and patients. Since these records are being stored on shared hosting services so it can be accessed from anywhere and it is unlikely that you would lose your records.

6. Real-Time Insurance Claim and Verification

When an insurance company maintains medical records of patients on mobile and web applications then these can be shared between medical practitioners. If a patient is prescribed a treatment then the patient can claim this record through the application and company can request the verification of prescription in real-time and settle the claims within 24 hours. The approach will not only improve the service for patients but it will increase the number associated medical partners.

Full article source: https://www.decipherzone.com/blog-detail/Use-of-Web-Applications-in-Healthcare-Industry

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