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DA11 Messaging in EA

declair profile image Jihao ・1 min read


Messaging system – responsible for transferring data from one application to another.

Messaging Components

  • Message channel
  • Message
  • Message router
  • Message translator
  • Message endpoint

Message channel

Message Channel is a virtual pipe that connects a sender to a receiver.

Sender 和 receiver 都无需关心对方,只需要负责发送和接受。


Two types of channel

  • Point-to-point channel: send the data to a single application. 一对一。需要注意的是:在channel的另一端并不一定只有一个application,可以有多个,但是一个message只有一个application可以收到。
  • Publish-subscribe channel: allow multiple applications to receive the same message. 一对多。

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