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#100DaysOfCode Days 8-14

Week 2 has been a little shaky. I missed a few days, because well, life happens. I did learn some new things in CSS that I'm excited about!

Right now I'm using to practice my CSS skills. They pick out some nicely designed websites and you can recreate them. I think it's great for beginners to learn about different designs, but I definitely wouldn't add these to my portfolio. These are actual websites and it might look like you were trying to pass as the designer of the site.

Right now I'm working on the Ableton project. It's fun and challenging to create these little collages on the website. I like how they use these little collages to make a more subtle z-pattern on the site.

Things I learned this week:

  1. I learned that I can use z-index to put an element behind another element

  2. I can use overflow: hidden to basically hide the overflow of an element.

I'm still learning how this platform works, but I'm assuming you can only add your main image to a post and not multiple ones throughout the post?

Edit: now I can't get the main image to work, oh well, I'll have to figure it out later, gotta get back to coding!

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Missing a few days or a week is okay. What matters the most is you go back to learning again!

Good luck, I'm doing #100DaysofCode as well!

decodekim profile image

I agree! Good luck with your projects!