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Learn about the Google Cloud Platform ✔️


Google Cloud Platform is a way to access Google’s
infrastructure to create your own server
And applications(simplified answer).
Google Cloud Platform (GCP), a collection cloud computing services that was launched by Google on 7 April 2008.
GCP offers a variety of tools and services that help with managing infrastructures, configuring networks and provisioning servers.

What is the importance of GCP?

is the third largest Cloud Service Provider (CSP), behind Amazon's AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

There are some point of GCP:-


GCP however, allows for extreme ease of scaling up or down.Downscaling is one of the biggest drawbacks to cloud computing.


In its pricing philosophy, Google has four key elements,
Google's GCP services are priced at the lowest price on the cloud market compared to other providers.

Sub-hour billing

The bill is only made for the requested time. GCP, for example, doesn't round the hour to the next hour if services are requested for half an hours, unlike other CSPs.

Sustained Use Discount

Google offers a 25% discount if you use the product for a sustained period of time.


This allows you to specify the exact amount CPU power and memory required for your application, and be billed accordingly.GCP also offers a variety of cloud services that can be used to build applications, manage infrastructures, provision servers, and store data. GCP is accessible by cloud administrators and developers via dedicated or public networks.

Integrated Services:

Multiple APIs, AI, ML, IoT and Compute Engine, Databases, Big Data analytics Developer tools Security, Storage, can all be used simultaneously.

Quick Collaboration:

GCP allows quick collaboration for all users. Multiple users can simultaneously access and edit the project files.

For unused data, the redundant backup facility can be accessed.

Employees can work anywhere and have full access to all information from any device.

Data is also stored in the cloud so employees can work remotely.

Full control and flexibility in technology and data management for users.
I hope this is help to you learn a Googlecloud platform..

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