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Should I learn React or angular js

Hello Everyone..


In this Article we are seeing the best things I can't tell about what to learn, but there are advantages of both of them, and I hope my comparison will help you to choose or at least learn something new.


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ReactJS is a JavaScript library developed and powered by Facebook.It has easy learning API and interface and is great for debugging. The technology has a component-based architecture making a code highly reusable. It has proven to be efficient for large scale high traffic applications such as Facebook, Instagram, BBC, and Netflix.
Other benefits of ReactJS are React Native library and server-side rendering, which allows solving SEO and performance issues.ReactJS assures faster updates creating and synchronizing minimal lists of update portions.

these benefits, ReactJS is essentially a library, not a full framework.In addition, the absence of templates and the use of Components for the UI generation may be confusing for programmers who do not specialize in React.Model-View-Controller paradigm while routing, data fetching and state management need to be tackled with the help of third parties.


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AngularJS is a Google product released in 2009, which makes it the oldest JavaScript framework.Directives of AngularJS allow adding special behavior to parts of the DOM, thus, facilitating the extension of HTML.It is a complete solution with a Model-View-Controller
architecture, declarative programming style and strong feature set. AngularJS provides simple routing, intuitive alteration, and straightforward UI design.

On the one hand, it significantly reduces the amount of code needed for the creation of dynamic views; on the other hand, it hurts performance and complicates debugging.A two-way data binding seems to be simultaneously the most appreciated and the most detested feature of AngularJS.

I hope you found this article useful, if you need any help please let me know in the comment section.💯

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Aakash Goplani

AngularJS is deprecated. Angular is the new successor. It's current version is v13. If in this article, you meant to speak about the latest Angular version out there in market, then please use "Angular" as the keyword. When you use "AngularJS", people (like me :P) can get confused. I agree React has its own benefits but I will strongly recommend readers to try Angular as it comes up with tons of features that will enable you to create cutting edge highly scalable web sites! Its a go-to-option for many enterprise-level-applications for the reason!!

mahmoud_bebars profile image
m.bebars • Edited

Actually when I was choosing my frontend framework I was selecting between react and vue and didn't consider angular as I tried to work with it once and felt it's more complex to understand and work with it.
in the other hand I found that react and vue more popular than angular and have large community support in my opinion.
but the choice still lies on the project requirements and the developer himself
as for me I am enjoying using Reactjs 🤷‍♂️

deepakguptacoder profile image
Deepak Gupta

Yes, it's is good
But still we know about the angular J's,
And happy to know about you like the React J's🙂