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Top 5 Insiders YouTube SEO Tips You Haven't Heard Of!

Hello Everyone...!🖤


In this Article we are seeing the best things to grow your YouTube channel baice tips to grow your Channel Journey..!
Did you know that there are only four categories (News&Politics, Science&Tech, Howto&Style, and Gaming) that are listed in the advanced search functions?
So, if your video is posted under any other category, it wouldn't be found if category searching is involved!
A general description rule of thumb: too short and too lengthy descriptions are not recommended. Use keywords wisely within a moderately sized description that actually describes your video. (Some people include the most irrelevant video descriptions imaginable. Don't be one of them!).YouTube allows roughly 22 words for the description displayed on the query page. So, it's your best bet to ensure that your keywords are at the beginning of your description.

here We are start the top 5 things to grow your YouTube channel journey...!

1.Use your own material or any of YouTube's audio tracks collection. The last thing you need is to be penalized for using copyright material!

2.If you're putting a link in your video description, start it with HTTP:// before the URL. It won't work otherwise!
Become YouTube savvy by exploring YouTube API and YouTube RSS Feeds. You will be glad you did.

3.Use Tubebuddy. The best youtube optimization tool. Let's find out more about Tubebuddy
That's it for now! Try these tips and see your YouTube SEO explode in no time. To your success!

4.Make a video transcript which is a closed caption file. This will greatly help with search engine indexing. And, as an added bonus, it will enable deaf users to read through your video.

5..Row file names make a difference. Make sure to optimize your video raw file name the same way you would optimize your video title.
I hope you found this article useful, if you need any help please let me know in the comment section.💯

Thanks for reading, See you next time.

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