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Who or what are you grateful for in tech?

It's Thanksgiving in the US this week, and we're taking some time to think about who and what we're grateful for, and we want to know the same from you!

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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

I'm grateful for the incredible developer tools produced since 20+ years by JetBrains: IntelliJ, Resharper, Webstorms, RubyMine, Kotlin, Space, CodeWithMe, many more.

In a tech landscape that is very fragmented, I love how they embrace all kind of technologies in a very pragmatic way and look everywhere for opportunities to make our job as developers better.

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I'm grateful for the internet

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Nabil Alamin

Don't know if it's exactly a good thing..but working in tech helps me make a living while still being very introverted and also avoid uncomfortable situations.

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Aaron Reese

From the MSSQL community: all the great people on the sqlservercentral forums who give so much freely and with grace and good manners.
Grant Finchley
Jeff Moden (delimitedSplit8k is my fave function ever!)
Steve Jones

And to Brent Ozar, Pinal Dave, Phil Factor (best database related pseudonym ever)

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Matt Eland

There's so many... to list only a few:

  • Sadukie for her awesome mentorship and support of communities I care about
  • Scott Hanselman for just being awesome to the dotnet community my whole career
  • My coworkers for supporting my conference speaking activities
  • My students and grads for being amazing people to teach
  • Conference organizers for accepting my strange talks in particular ("Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?" and "Automating my Dog" come to mind)
  • Everyone who gives me grace for my unusual sense of humor and desire to laugh at everything I encounter in life
  • for making an awesome platform for encouraging others
  • Microsoft for all of the awesome tooling around dotnet
  • Microsoft for the amazing suite of machine learning and AI products they offer via Azure Machine Learning and Azure Cognitive Services
  • Doggos
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This is such a great list, Matt. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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Andrea Pavoni • Edited

I'd have many, but maybe the most influential contribution for my career arrived (in several occasions during the years, since 1999) from Salvatore Sanfilippo (aka antirez, creator of Redis).

I've learned about IT security, C programming and many other things on his articles published on an italian paper magazine in late-90s/early-2000s.

I've used his tools in many ways (hping, for example)

Then through his blog post I've discovered about Ruby (it was around 2007, a little before the announcement of Redis). That move boosted my career.

I took Twitter into consideration in 2009 when he announced his account there. This helped my career too (among other things).

Fun fact: in 20 years I was always unable to meet him in person at the conferences for a reason or another. I really would like to shake hands with him soon or later.

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Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad that helped you.

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Laurent Payot

Elm, for being an amazing gateway to functional programming.

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We use Elm at Deepgram!

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Muhammad Sifat Hossain • Edited

To my best friend who bought me a subscription of Mosh Hamedani's Courses and got me started with Web Development.

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz • Edited

Im grateful for what Richard Stallman created. Without him there would be no GNU/Linux and no GNU Emacs that use daily. I'm also grateful for the Web platform and JavaScript that started that all.

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Muhammad Sifat Hossain • Edited

Especially Richard Stallman 💝

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Suresh P

i am really grateful for developed rule-based desktop applications bot built with python.