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Emanates: Build a blog on top of GitHub Issues and Actions

I am happy to announce the launch of Emanates. This idea came in my mind way back when GitHub launched GitHub Actions.

The idea of Emanates is every GitHub Issue is a blog post and when an issue is created, a workflow is triggered (GitHub Action).

This workflow builds the blog and deploys it to your desired location.

Emanates boasts of some nice features like:

  • Improved SEO
  • Support for related posts (based on tags added through GitHub Labels)
  • Meta tag support along with cover image and other things.
  • Markdown support
  • Supports comments (through utterances)
  • Blazingly fast (since it builds a static site)
  • Dark Mode (obviously!)
  • Everything on GitHub (no need to trust me)
  • Open Source

You can check Emanates GitHub here

Demo site for anyone interested

I'm attaching a few images to show how Emanates looks.

Emanates index page

Emanates Post

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