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Good First Issue - Make your first open-source contribution

Good First Issue is an initiaitive to curate easy pickings from popular projects, so developers who've never made a contribution to open-source can get started easily.

Open-source maintainers are always looking to get more people involved, but new developers generally think it's difficult to become a contributor. We believe getting developers to fix super-easy issues removes the barrier for future contributions. This is why Good First Issue exists.

Adding a new project

You're welcome to add a new project in Good First Issue, and we encourage all projects — old and new, big and small.

Follow these simple steps:

Top comments (4)

gomzyakov profile image
Alexander Gomzyakov

To search for simple tasks you can also use the service

This is an open source project that collects a list of issues labeled “good firts issue” and publishes them on GitHub Pages.

patarapolw profile image
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

I might try. It is hard to get a contributor on a project. Not even sure about testers. How many have been using it? What are feedbacks (beyond starring?)

jaipradeesh profile image
Jai Pradeesh • Edited

We just rolled it out last week with a simple goal: discovery of easy picking issues from repositories in GitHub. We haven't implemented any specific telemetry yet. If you have some ideas, please create an issue here - and let's implement it :)

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Joel Krause

This is cool! Gonna check it out 🥳