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Vue3 event emitter

deexter profile image deexter Updated on ・1 min read

I recently have been asked to make micro-frontend with webpack plugin Module federation
This micro-frontend used vuex library before, but it was used only for opening/closing modals.

So we tended to replace it with something more simple.
Among our candidates was mitt, which is very tiny library.

import mitt from "mitt";
export const emitter = mitt();
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Our first try was register emitter in mounted lifecycle method.

export default defineComponent({
  mounted() {   
    this.emitter.on("open-modal", name => { 
      this.shouldDisplay = name === ModalType.ThankYou; 
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This works only if you use emitter in another component, but if you want emit outside of vue component, it does not work.
This is probably caused, because you have to have instance of Vue app and if you use recommended getcurrentinstance you get null outside of vue components.

If you want to use it like we do, with hooks

import {emitter} from "../utils/emitter";

export const useModal = () => {
  const openModal = (name: string) => {
    emitter.emit('open-modal', name)
  const closeModal = () => {
    emitter.emit('open-modal', '')
  return { openModal, closeModal };
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You have to register event listener also with hook

  <Modal :isOpen="shouldDisplay" @close-modal="closeModal">

<script lang="ts">
export default defineComponent({
  name: "CustomModal",
  components: {
  setup() {
    const {closeModal} = useModal();
    onMounted(() => {
      emitter.on("open-modal", name => {
        shouldDisplay.value = name === ModalType.ThankYou;
    return {
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Do you have also experience with event emitter?
Share your ideas.

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