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Making Money As A Web-Developer.

Reading this, you are probably a web- developer, or you are learning to be one. Regardless you want to make some extra cash with web development, especially now, with this pandemic closing down business. In this article, I will reveal ways to make money as a web-developer!

Friends and Family
The first thing I'd recommend is to ask your friends and family members if they need a website for their business. Granted, you probably will not charge them anything or for a low cost, but this will give you client experience and potentially your first review. Get a friend or family member to hire you on Upwork and ask them to leave a review. This will help you out in your freelancing journey since clients will trust you more.

The most popular way to make extra cash as a web-developer is to start freelancing. There are a lot of freelancing platforms out there; I'd recommend Upwork, especially for beginners.

Here are some other popular freelancing sites:


After signing up and setting up your profile, I'd recommend checking out my other article. Where I talk about essential tips to keep in mind while bidding on a project. Read Now...

In your free time, you can create a ready to use template or two. Then you can sell that template to your local business. This won't always work, and there is a 1/20 chance the business will actually buy your template. But it's worth giving it a try.

Reaching out to business
You can also find a business with outdated websites (information and technology-wise) and offer the business to update their website for an affordable price. You can also try to make a website for a business then show the business the website, and if they like it, they will buy it. This will take time and patients and might not give you a sale, but I will provide you with the experience and something else to put on your portfolio.

Those are some tips that make me an extra buck or two. These methods won't make you a millionaire but will give you some extra cash and work experience!

Missed something out? Comment it.

Stay safe and don't forget to wear a mask 😷.

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Mark Hallam

Check your spelling as reveal and revile have totally different meanings!

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Thanks for pointing that out.😅

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please remove don't ever use anymore this website is a scam take a look at this, they closed account without warning beware

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