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Rate my GitHub Profile README

delta456 profile image Swastik Baranwal ・1 min read

As GitHub recently launched their README.md feature for Profiles so I decided to make one too. I really putted all my efforts to make this small and beautiful. I want people to rate this and gimme feedback about this. If I can do more edits on it!



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I have created a repository for awesome github profile aims to collect the all awesome beautiful READMEs profile and make your Profile look good & Inspire other's.


I think I would get rid off "Noob", not sure what's the purpose of having it on a CV-like page.

For the languages that you know, maybe add a sentence or two explaining where you used them (or/and links to github repos).

Also, I would consider adding some pixel art at the bottom of the page or linking it to another website if you are already mentioning it.


It will make it lengthy thats why I haven't done that. They can visit my Deviant Art though. I will think about removing noob.


Nice profile-level README!


Looks great! But I think you should remove list dots.