Just read the position descriptions you want, they state the minimum requirements.

You will apply and find out, if you fail at most of them, you are not ready.

Spoiler alert, is hard to find your first position, everyone wants experience 😑, keep an eye for interships as well.


That's a great question -- I would say it's probably never too early to start applying and to try and see what happens, but that you will probably see the most success when you are super solid on the fundamentals, know the basics of backend, and know a front-end framework if you are a self-taught front-end developer. Also, apprenticeships and internships are h for learning while working.


I guess if you can speak with moderate confidence about half the requirements for the position, it’s fair enough to give it a try. Don’t be the one to say no to yourself, that’s the recruiter’s job :)

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Many times as a mobile developer I have to work on apps without the API ready that was crucial for the feature I was implementing. Either the backend was developed by another team that was not entirely in sync with us or our backend team had no chance to implement those endpoints earlier. For this reason, I was not able to satisfy the Definition of Done but it does not mean that I have implemented the UI only.

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