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Do you know the software to host a webinar?

Hi everyone!

Because of COVID-19 my client's trainers are restricted to go to business trips but have to land the same count of workshops annually.

So we decided to use a platform for webinars to do those workshops remotely but we can't find a solution.

We checked out YouTube Live and some SAAS solutions but they don't meet the client's requirements.

What we need:

  • Ability to integrate all functionality (video stream, chat room, etc.) to our website;
  • Ability to record webinars and host those videos on our website in the archive;
  • Ability to style UI of the player and chat (branding);
  • The solution can be paid or some OSS projects as well;
  • The client doesn't want to show any attribution (I, personally, think that it's okay and even great to show solution attribution).

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Check out ZOOM! Super good, designed for Webinars!

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