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Fourth Hacktoberfest Contribution

For the last Hacktoberfest Contribution I have in here is about a program improvement.


For this program, the issue that I interested in was helping the repository owner to add a Thai translation to the program.


My Solution

Due to the repository owner already provided a clear contribution instruction. I just needed to follow the step they suggested.
However, there was one thing the stopped me for a while. And that was the language that I assigned was Thai, which is a totally new language to me. I don't speak Thai or understand Thai. Therefore, I need to get help from the Internet translation.
Because I would like use the global translation all the time, I know that sometimes some translations just don't any sense to the original language speaker. Then I just used two different translation application to help translate some English words to Thai words. For each Thai translation I made, I always compared two different results from two translation applications. Moreover, I used the words that translated from the translation applications to translate into my first language as well.
In this way, I can make sure the Thai translation will make sense to any Thai people or people who speak Thai.

My Feelings

This is an interesting experience for me. Improving a program with the totally new language(Thai) is like an adventure to me. Everything is new and I think this will be the same when it comes to the work in real life I have in the future. Although this is not a complicated issue, it gave me a new experience of working in a new state.

Link to the Repo I worked on: [pageliner]

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