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Is Twitter useful - DEVs and bloggers


I'm still new here, but I would love to hear your opinions and experiences about using Twitter, and is it useful?

Is it useful only for bloggers or DEVs or both?

I'm waiting for all you to share your opinions and can't wait to hear them!

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Anthony Bramley

TL;DR: No, Twitter isn't very useful for either group.

I think Twitter is a good place to relax and watch everyone debate over the tiniest things. I get a lot of enjoyment from watching idiots yell at each other while both perspectives are wrong. However, I'm not entirely convinced it excels at providing developers or bloggers with what they really need: exposure. I recently posted a survey to my account, which only got 15 responses. A bit under half of those were from asking some dev friends on Discord, and I only got 2 responses before having some friends retweet. Twitter can't really provide an "out of the box" promotion or exposure space because the timeline and explore feed are already clogged up by kids thinking they know about politics or BTS stans canceling a random guy just to "stan loona." This is why places like are needed: it's a platform with a clear focus (I mean come on, it has dev in the name) where you can be productive and promote. In order to effectively promote on Twitter, you need to have friends who can bring you to a larger audience, but they need to have cracked the code already. On and webwide, it's a small enough community where you'll always get at least one view on a post or comment and it's not dominated by the BS. So no, I'm not sure Twitter can really help bloggers or devs without another platform.

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You got a really good point for all that.
It takes time to get some traffic, but for that time we can make 'bigger' things on other platforms.
And still, we will get some random peoples wich may or may not be interested in DEVs things

I really appreciate that you share your thought with me