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we are a collection of mental health and wellness apps

Hello, DEV!

A few months ago I posted my Three Good Things app, and I was so happy that people seemed to find useful. Later that month, I deployed m1 of a worry tree app that I use constantly to get myself out of thought loops.

I'm finding that I really like making these kind of tools, and thought it was probably time to put up a simple site to compile all of them together.

So in my proudest moment, I purchased (get it? Anxious? I'm so glad my partner thinks I'm funny.) and yesterday, I deployed to Netlify.

I'm excited and proud - it's the first time I've successfully deployed from Github 😂 and while the design iterated a bit from my initial sketches, it's really cool to see my vision live out there in the world.

In addition to Three Good Things and the worry tree, there's also m1 of a "calm down" bottle and some previews of other things I'm working on. At the bottom, there's also a list of resources for mental health and wellness.

Thanks for being so encouraging and helpful along the way, and I hope that you find something helpful or useful here!

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Sam Warner

This is amazing. Thank you for creating and compiling these resources! I saw your "Do This Next" project and got so excited I immediately went the play store wondering if I could use it.

Also...i do appreciate all the semi-punwork you put into that domain. 👀🙏🏻

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Oh gosh, thanks so much! Do This Next is kind of where this all started, but I kind of realized I needed to learn a few more things before I could get it properly working.

Thank you again - it means a lot!

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Hey there! I shared your article here and check out the group if you haven't already!

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Giorgos Kalpaktsoglou